Milan events videographer

milan events videographer

As a videomaker for events in Milan or throughout Italy, filming a location from the sky using a light and harmless drone, away from crowds of people, allows you to make a video safely, contextualizing the event with aerial images and showing the prestige and beauty of the place. In particular, we suggest aerial shots for villas, prestigious homes, parks, gardens, castles and spacious outdoor locations, that can be taken at different times of the day to follow the variations of the light. The drone is also used to follow construction sites, or temporary installations of large dimensions for which an aerial view is necessary.

Convention videographer Italy

The Life Beef Carbon project, funded by the European Union, brings together international partners with the aim of finding solutions to reduce carbon emissions from beef farms in France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. 2000 farmers and 27 partners participate in the project. Italian partner is the CREA Research Centre for Zootechnics and Aquaculture.  During the conference organized in Italy, breeders and project managers visited 3 farms in Northern Italy, in the Piedmont region, where systems to improve animal welfare and reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been studied and used.

Design timelapse videographer milan

ACROBAT is a structure with an innovative design that is fixed to the ceiling and allows maximum versatility in the assembly of shelves and accessories. It has infinite uses especially in visual merchandising and shops. It is produced by the company Alu, based in Bassano del Grappa, that draws its roots from the Manfrotto group and the intuition to use a tool dedicated to photography, the famous telescopic freestanding Autopole to create modular design structures. The timelapse video shows the ease with which the structure can be quickly adapted to any exhibition requirement and is part of a photo-video service shot at the Cross Studio in Milan during the Acrobat promotion days.

Videographer advertising hotel Italy

Albergo Palazzo Lodron Bertelli is a historical residence located in the heart of Val Rendena, in a small village called Caderzone Terme. It is located inside the Adamello-Brenta Park, the largest natural park in Trentino whose Brenta Dolomites are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel therefore enjoys a very favorable position that allows you to appreciate the mountains in all seasons and to practice a large number of activities such as trekking, horseback riding, skiing, running and mountain biking. The hotel has rooms equipped with all comforts with Jacuzzi and offers wonderful breakfasts with organic products at zero kilometer. The renovation of the Palace, with the Superintendence of Fine Arts, has also involved the nearby Malga Museum and the very pleasant Spa where you can relax with massages, calidarium, sauna and swimming pool. The video was made at two different times of the year, in summer where the rooms enjoy more light and the flowerbeds have bloomed and in winter to film the structure covered by snow at dusk.

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Videographer expo Rho Fiera Milan

On 13-15 November 2019, the new edition of Smart Building Expo, the trade fair dedicated to the world of building construction, was held at Milano Rho Fiera. The fair allows users to find out about new developments in the sector, with conferences, workshops and debates conceived thanks to collaborations with universities and research institutes. Among the topics covered are the evolution of 5G, self-production and energy efficiency systems. The fair puts exhibitors in contact with potential customers also thanks to the possibility of holding confidential business meetings.

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Videographer summit Italy

Retail Institute Italy is a non-profit association that organizes events and training courses to help companies learn about the world of retail and its transformations. Every year it organizes the Retail Executive Summit at the prestigious Villa D’Este in Cernobbio on Lake Como.
The aim is to bring together representatives of important international brands to discuss the present and future of Retail, new market trends and sales strategies.

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Videographer inauguration event Milan

I made this video for the official launch of Penta Business Banking, the current account for Startups and small and medium enterprises. A product of Penta, the leading Challenger Bank for small and medium businesses in Europe with more than 16,000 corporate clients, created on the occasion of its arrival in Italy.
The event, which involved journalists and investors, was held at the Sicilian restaurant Filippo La Mantia, a design and excellent cuisine restaurant in the centre of Milan. Live music and the presence of an illusionist magician made the evening enjoyable for all guests.  

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Videographer food product promotion

Amrit is a master of kundalini yoga, an expert in numerology and alternative therapies, and an herbalist. The daily practice of yoga and meditation, the vegan diet, the turban he always wears, the profession of the Sikh creed, are the emblem of a true vocation that has been the meaning of his life for over 30 years. The constant contact with the spiritual dimension cannot ignore the contact with nature and in fact Amrit has also dedicated himself to the study of plants and their therapeutic powers. Thanks to these skills, “Tea Within Me” was created, a line of five teas, each of which contains beneficial principles for five different organs, the heart (our leader), the spleen (the specialist), the kidneys (the sages), the lungs (the artists) and the liver (the master). The tea line “Tea Within Me” will be available from October on the site 

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Video drone builiding site Milan

Moebius is a splendid gastronomic and cultural entertainment space in the heart of Milan. The soul of this place is an extraordinary centuries-old olive tree that enjoys a privileged position within the location that seems to be built around it. A special glass open  structure allows the plant to enjoy air and rainwater but also to be observed in all its majesty by those who drink an aperitif, or eat a great meal or buy a vinyl at the Music Store. While the renovation and setting up of the restaurant was underway, the tree was placed inside through the peculiar work of an expert team that, after having harnessed it, lifted it with a crane and let it pass through the roof, taking great care not to damage it. The event was documented using a ground camera and a harmless drone to follow from two different points of view this very particular scene: a flying tree in the sky of our metropolis!