Construction site drone video in Milan

Moebius is a splendid gastronomic and cultural entertainment space in the heart of Milan. The soul of this place is an extraordinary centuries-old olive tree that enjoys a privileged position within the location that seems to be built around it. A special glass open  structure allows the plant to enjoy air and rainwater but also to be observed in all its majesty by those who drink an aperitif, or eat a great meal or buy a vinyl at the Music Store. While the renovation and setting up of the restaurant was underway, the tree was placed inside through the peculiar work of an expert team that, after having harnessed it, lifted it with a crane and let it pass through the roof, taking great care not to damage it. The event was documented using a ground camera and a harmless drone to follow from two different points of view this very particular scene: a flying tree in the sky of our metropolis!

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