Corporate events photographer in Milan

corporate events photographer in Milan

Often, while carrying out my work as a photographer for corporate events in Milan, I find myself in fascinating locations, such as the RoofTop of Copernico Isola for S32, the physical headquarters of the Fintech District, where the beating heart of an entrepreneurship that thinks and plans the future of new technologies for financial services beats.
Situated on the thirteenth and top floor of the building, the RoofTop offers a breathtaking view of the iconic buildings of the most international Milan, the Unicredit Tower, CityLife, the vertical forest, Palazzo Lombardia, Torre Diamante, and then overlooks BAM, the Library of Trees of Milan, a contemporary botanical garden where, from above, the gaze rests in the green during the day and at dusk is transformed into a chessboard of illuminated paths that define its perimeter.

corporate events photographer Milan

I did a photo shoot on the RoofTop for the corporate event promoted by LIFEDATA, a company specialising in Marketing Automation for companies.
The location chosen by a company for its events is never a random choice because the environment becomes an expression of what the company is and wants to communicate, in this case innovation, presence in the digital business transformation processes of large entrepreneurial groups, international scope. It was therefore important that even the photographs of this corporate event did not neglect the location but made it an integral part of the communication process of LIFEDATA and its vision.

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