Corporate portrait photographer in Milan

servizio fotografico ritratti aziendali

Gruppo Per, a leading pre- and post-damage risk management company, hired me as a photographer for corporate portraits in their Milan office.
The intention was to use these corporate portraits to present their team, founding partners and management, and to feature the photos on their website, which they had recently restyled.
I shot the portraits at their offices, bringing with me the essential equipment for the shoot, in a relatively small but functional space for the shoot which, according to the company’s requirements, had to be in the foreground and with enough depth to slightly blur the background.
The occasion for the shoot was a work meeting at which the entire management team, usually scattered in various parts of Italy, was present. This made it possible to optimise time by bringing all the staff together in one photo session.

Working as a corporate portrait photographer is a very rewarding challenge, as it always is with people you meet for the first time. Often you only have a few minutes to take a portrait because most of the time you are dealing with very busy people, during working hours, but this does not detract from the fact that you can always try to empathise with the person in front of you, overcoming the insecurity or reluctance that people sometimes have to be photographed.
Breaking down a barrier in just a few minutes, making the subject forget the presence of the camera, being able to get a genuine smile out of them, discovering the humanity that is always hidden beyond a role: this is what I try to bring home when I take a portrait of a business manager.

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