Non-profit association photo shoot

non-profit association photo shoot

VIDAS is a voluntary association that offers free social health and palliative care to children, adults and the elderly.
This association was founded 40 years ago and over these years has cared for 39,000 sick people and their families.
The service is guaranteed thanks to the work of a team made up of specialised professionals as well as selected volunteers who have undergone training courses.
In 2019, ‘Casa Sollievo Bimbi’, the first paediatric hospice in Lombardy for the care of seriously ill children and young people, was opened.
I did this non-profit association photo shoot to tell the story of Valerio, a child born extremely prematurely.
Vidas has been helping his family since Valerio was discharged from hospital, as the child still needs care. Vidas has taught Valerio’s parents how to deal with any emergencies and the Vidas team goes to their home for regular in-depth visits. Valerio’s parents are very grateful to Vidas and wanted to tell their story so that it would be of help to other children and parents in similar circumstances.

Read Valerio’s story and watch the non-profit association photo shoot on the Vidas page.

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