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Corporate portraits photographer Milan

For the Milan-based communication agency Be Content Communication I took some photographic portraits of the staff of the transport company Autoguidovie, an important client of theirs and among the ten most important Italian players in public transport. Autoguidovie is present directly or through subsidiaries, managed, participated Companies, in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont. Be Content has commissioned me over time some shootings for them, photographic images and videos for the promotion of services or documentation of events. And it was precisely during one of these events, the presentation of a new fleet of buses in Monza, that I took some informal portraits of the drivers, in a moment of relaxation, with the newly inaugurated road transport vehicles behind them. During that event I also discovered, much to my surprise, that buses, as well as trains, have real communities of fans, young influencers who, especially for ecological reasons, encourage their use on their social channels and who then participate in Autoguidovie’s initiatives to have the opportunity to post photos and chat with the drivers, who are always available to answer their curiosities. This attention to the drivers is entirely deserved, given the usefulness and complexity of their profession. Some of the portraits I took were later used by Autoguidovie for their campaign to recruit new drivers. The images were posted in various persilines and on buses around the city of Pavia and surrounding areas, where Autoguidovie, with its urban and suburban service, on-call and special services, plays a key role in the daily transit of thousands of people.

Milan corporate portraits
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