Photographer for classical musicians in Milan

photographer for classical musicians in milan

Cristiana Passerini, harpist and teacher at the Milan Conservatory, was looking for a photographer for classical musicians in Milan to take some shots of the Laborintus Harp Quartet that she formed with three of her talented students, Leonardo, Francesca and Angelica.
The harp is an instrument of great charm and elegance with the only defect of being decidedly cumbersome, so much so that it has to be transported on a trolley!
It was therefore decided not to move the instruments but to set the group photo directly in a corridor of the Conservatory, where the instruments are kept, trying, already in the pre-shooting phase, to eliminate from the background some disturbing elements of the furniture and to delete in post-production what could not be moved.
We chose to have the teacher sitting and surrounded by her students and collaborators and the harps. A relaxed pose that communicates the feeling of the quartet, as well as the esteem and affection that binds the pupils to their teacher.

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