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Amrit is a master of kundalini yoga, an expert in numerology and alternative therapies, and an herbalist. The daily practice of yoga and meditation, the vegan diet, the turban he always wears, the profession of the Sikh creed, are the emblem of a true vocation that has been the meaning of his life for over 30 years. The constant contact with the spiritual dimension cannot ignore the contact with nature and in fact Amrit has also dedicated himself to the study of plants and their therapeutic powers. Thanks to these skills, “Tea Within Me” was created, a line of five teas, each of which contains beneficial principles for five different organs, the heart (our leader), the spleen (the specialist), the kidneys (the sages), the lungs (the artists) and the liver (the master). The tea line “Tea Within Me” will be available from October on the site 

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