Videographer for music video in Milan Italy

“Mi fai bene” is the new single by Elly Caputo, a very talented young artist. Elly was looking for a videomaker in Milan for the music video of this song and contacted me and immediately explained her ideas. The song was made by (canzoniinedite) and written by record producer and author Marco Canigiula. At first we thought of shooting the video clip outdoors, at sunset time, in some iconic places in Milan, since the city is present in the lyrics of the song. Later the choice fell on a photographic studio where we could work more quietly. I proposed the Multiset Studio Ampere, which offers studios with settings in a variety of styles, and furniture that lends itself with ease to accommodate a variety of moods. It was a choice that pleased Elly, who had all the comfort she needed to change outfits several times and creatively interpret the spaces, including armchairs, decorated walls, and a vintage-style makeup dressing table. The shoot lasted 3 hours and was most enjoyable! Elly is a very simple and easy-going but very elegant and professional person, with whom there was an immediate feeling and whom I was really happy to meet. “Mi fai bene” is a modern and refined pop ballad that highlights the singing qualities of this talented performer and lightly delivers an important message: to be grateful to those whose love makes us feel good.

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