Videographer promo hotel Como lake

For a videographer like me, it was a wonderful experience to make a promo of the hotel Il Sereno on Lake Como. Working in this location allowed me to capture, through the lenses of my camera, all the natural beauty of a unique Italian landscape that is highly appreciated by guests, especially Americans. This perfect beauty of the nature is combined with the elegance of the shapes of this amazing building, which was designed by the famous architect Patricia Urquiola. Thanks to the exclusive design of this hotel, built with natural materials, you can appreciate the panorama from every side of the building through the large windows. Surrounded by the greenery and calm waters of the lake, you can feel a new idea of luxury, a luxury which is close to the concept of well-being, tranquillity and authentic elegance. Urquiola, who settled in Milan, gives this building an aura of modernity, different from the Neo Classical style that dominates Lake Como. The botanist Patrick Blanc has created for the hotel two splendid handmade vertical gardens, real sculptures that live and breathe in this splendid setting. Here you can see the promotional video created for the hotel. 

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