Videographer video tutorials Milan

videographer Milan

L’Erbolario, a renowned plant-derived cosmetics company, now also known internationally, needed a videographer for video tutorials in Milan, Italy. The videos, intended for staff training, focused on various aspects of visual merchandising. In fact, it is essential that the image of a shop is taken care of down to the smallest detail in order to become an effective sales tool.
Visual merchandising deals with all aspects concerning the aesthetics of the shop and its impact on the customer. 
The L’Erbolario visual merchandiser prepared specific content for each of these aspects, which he then narrated in the videos we made. Each video was then completed with images of the shop, the individual products and some examples of activities to be carried out to improve the general aesthetics of the shop. 
The arrangement of goods on the shelves for example is very important, because the products that are at the same eye level as the customers’ eyes will be the ones most likely to be bought. The area of the checkout counter must also be very neatly arranged with fresh flowers and other products to offer the customer. 
As well as the preparation of gift wrapping, must be personalised to make the customer feel welcome and considered. 
We filmed at one of L’Erbolario’s historic shops, in Corso Magenta in Milan, which has a very elegant and unmistakably stylish wooden décor.
Making video tutorials allows a company to have a valid tool for training its staff. It is much more effective than a written document because through the voice of a person speaking and sample images it is immediately understandable. The presence, as in the case of l’Erbolario’s visual merchandiser, of an experienced and well-known figure in the shops’ staff, allows the contents to be transmitted in a very authoritative and successful manner.

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