Lara Peviani and Alessandro Vallefuoco Patented A1-a3 drone pilots

Drone photography services in Milan

Aerial photography with patented drone operator

We carry out drone photo shoots in Milan and throughout Italy. We are A1-A3 patented sapr operators
with a drone weighing less than 250 grams.This allows fewer restrictions on how we fly,
although we are obliged to request the necessary authorisations where necessary.
In the case of private property, always request the owner’s authorisation
before requesting a drone operator to fly over.

For more information on permits for aerial photography with a drone in Milan,
go to the Drone Video Page.

Aerial drone photography is widely used on construction sites, in real estate,
throughout the hotel, industrial and architectural sectors. It is also widely used for territorial promotion,
to show the beauty of a region’s landscape at a glance. It is also used to advertise  sports activities.
It allows one to see ‘from above’ as well as ‘above’, achieving a view of details and perspectives
that are impossible from the ground.

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