Dance Essay at Teatro della Scala Milano

Theatre photo shoots in Milan

Stage photographs for theatre performances, concerts and dancers

Being able to witness and document the work of an actor during the rehearsals of a performance, silently recording his slow metamorphosis into the character, is always a great privilege as well as a wonderful opportunity for cultural and artistic growth. This is why I love doing theatre photo shoots in Milan and anywhere in Italy.

I attended the School of Performance Photography at the Accademia della Scala in Milan, specialising in theatre and dance photography. This allowed me to understand the dynamics of a performance and the correct perspective from which to photograph it: that of the spectator. I have taken stage photos for various theatre shows of important companies such as the Elfo Puccini Theatre in Milan, the Pantakin Company from Venice and the Manini Theatre in Narni,
used for brochures, books, playbills and online presentations.

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