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Photo Book for actors in Milan

Photo shoots for musicians, actors, dance in a photo studio or outdoors

I make photo books for actors in Milan who need a photo book to present at auditions and castings,
or musicians who want to promote their image on their website and social networks.
Shooting also at theatres, concert halls and other locations agreed with the person or band to be portrayed.

Photo book in photo studio

Photo shoot in a professional studio with neutral or coloured backgrounds.
The studio session lasts 4 hours, with the possibility of dress and make-up changes.

Video showreel of theatre or film actor

For actors it is possible to realise in the same photo session or separately a video presentation on a green screen
or other background, which can be completed in the editing phase with content chosen by the artist,
such as excerpts from his theatrical, cinematographic or musical performances.

Do you need a photo shoot in Milan for an actor or musician?

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