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For four years I have been collaborating with VIDAS, a non-profit association in Milan that takes care of people suffering from incurable diseases. It is a very rewarding collaboration because it allows me to come into contact with different stories in every video or photographic shoot I do with them, but with a profound humanity. Stories from which I always learn something, because people who experience an incurable disease are necessarily less focused on small daily concerns or superficial desires, but they come faster to see what is really essential, to appreciate the affection of the people they are surrounded by and every moment of their lives.
In this video we interviewed the mother of little Beatrice suffering from a rare disease. The VIDAS association has been following her since her birth, offering her all the care she needs, free of charge and at home, thanks to a dense network of donors that allows this non-profit association to take care, with highly specialised staff and a lot of empathy, of an increasing number of people.

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