Riproduci video su industry reportage videographer Italy

Since 2023, I have started a collaboration as a videographer for video news reports with the publishing company ‘Vado e Torno‘.
The historic magazine “Vado e Torno” dedicated to the world of trucking was born in Pirelli in 1962. Now the company Vado e Torno Edizioni has sixty years of history behind it and boasts seven newspapers and 12 websites that report on the technical, economic and regulatory evolution of the transport of goods and people.
In this video in particular, made for “Autobus Magazine”,  we told the story of Industria Italiana Autobus. We visited the Flumeri (Avellino) plant and followed some highly specialised production processes.
IIA is adapting its production to an increasingly sustainability-conscious market. The electric bus described in this review is an example of this new direction taken by the company, in step with the times. The english version of the video was uploaded on “Susteinable Bus”,  the international channel of the magazine “Autobus”.

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