Promotional video for Wellness Lab

Bodynamics is a wellness lab, a place to maintain proper physical and mental balance through targeted professional consultations.
Services offered include functional recovery and sports re-athletization, massage therapy, osteopathy and a personalized nutrition program.
The promotional video of this Wellness Lab in Milan was designed together with its founder Tut Salem, as well as other short pills for Instagram that elaborate on the individual services Bodynamics is able to offer. We came up with a ‘video interview in which Tut could introduce himself and explain his expertise.
The interview was supplemented with some images of training sessions of some of his trusted clients, along with footage during massage therapy and osteopathy sessions.
I always advise those who need to communicate their business and ask me to do so through a promotional film to include one or more interviews.
Seeing the face and hearing the voice of the person who is offering a service in which we are potentially interested, allows you to immediately establish a closeness, inspires trust because those who put themselves out there expose themselves clearly, without filters and convey sincerity.
Often being in front of a camera for those who are not very familiar with it can cause embarrassment. A pre-written outline helps keep you on track and, in the case, can be read via a teleprompter that allows you to keep your gaze direct to the camera while simultaneously reading a scrolling text.
Tut is not only an excellent professional but is a highly valued and well-liked person by the clients he takes care of. Therefore, during the filming of the training sessions and in the specialized sessions, the atmosphere was very relaxed and playful, and working while having fun is always the right premise for a good product.

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